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DUBturbo and the Undo Command

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Traditional analog audio recording equipment is not as forgiving when you make errors or just need to edit your work when trying to create your sound.  DUB turbo software is digital music production technology that you will find almost indispensable when working with your music. It is a matter of pointing, clicking, and dragging items on your digital workstation. You will not anymore need to record over tape repeatedly; splice pieces together like a third grade art class, only to have them scratch or break accidentally. The virtual recording equipment generated by the software is not limited or hindered by all the physical hardware. One of the best functions by computer technology is its flexibility.  If you make a mistake, or even delete a track you had wanted to save, you have the failsafe option, also known as the ‘undo command.’  This command has saved countless projects from cyberspace oblivion. This is probably reason enough to switch from traditional technology to computer-based technology for professional music producers.