Discover the Revolution behind the Fat Burning Furnace

What you don’t know about the diet and exercise industries can make you fat? It’s true, the countless dollars you have spent paying for diet plans, pills, box foods along with the exercise equipment, gym memberships and trainers can add up to thousands upon thousands of dollars in wasted money.

The Fat Burning Furnace is leading the revolution against these established institutions of misinformation. With a common sense approach to diet and fitness that comes from years of trial and error, author Rob Poulos has developed a diet and exercise plan that actually gets results that will amaze you.

With the FBF system, Poulos debunks the false information and the downright lies that have permeated diet clubs and fitness centers for years. You can lose weight by adjusting your diet and exercising in easy steps that allows you to eat the foods you like and not spend hours upon hours working out. FBF is a complete lifestyle transformation that could put an end to the worthless diets and exercise that rely on your ignorance to stay solvent.


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